Using CSS Media Queries

CSS Media Queries are an important tool for responsive web design. Learn more about them.

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Minify your Javascript and CSS

One of the best practices you should follow to speed up your web site is reducing the size of the Javascript and CSS files your visitors must download by minifying them. I have just posted an article on our site with instructions on how to automate this process. Read more about how to Automate Javascript and CSS minification with Python.

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MySQL backups to AWS S3

I just finished writing a howto for automating MySQL backups to S3 using Boto and mysqldump.

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Simple jQuery goodness

Check out this howto on building a simple set of controls for tabbed content using some CSS, Javascript, and jQuery.

Simple tab controls using jQuery

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The Swift Bend Blog

Welcome to the first post of the Swift Bend blog. We will be posting regularly on web & software development topics as well as news items relevant to small business.

To start things off, here is a guide for setting up logrotate and Webalizer to analyze your website logs for the other webmasters out there. Enjoy!

How to setup log rotation and Webalizer for Apache logs

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