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Accurate Advertising and the FTC

When it comes to advertising or marketing your small business you might want to reference a few rules and regulations that are in place. For example, there is a law called the Federal Trade Commission Act that allows the FTC … Continue reading

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Affordable Health Care Act

Periodically we (Swift Bend) will be presenting information that we have gathered during our own research and sharing it with you. You may have noticed Richard Anton’s blog about Django or how to setup a log rotation and webalizer for … Continue reading

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Automating server backups

Keeping your servers backed up is an important task, and my philosophy is the only kind of acceptable backup is an automated backup. Otherwise it’s just too easy to let other work get in the way of running that regular … Continue reading

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The Swift Bend Blog

Welcome to the first post of the Swift Bend blog. We will be posting regularly on web & software development topics as well as news items relevant to small business. To start things off, here is a guide for setting … Continue reading

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