About Swift Bend

Our goal is to help small businesses connect to their customers by building interactive web and mobile experiences and reliably serve their customers by building reliable, scalable backend software systems.

Every company has a specific set of challenges and a unique set of customers. We want to help you reach and and conduct business with those customers. We do this by building websites, mobile applications, and business systems tailored to your business needs and targeted to your customer base.

New and small businesses experience some of the most difficult challenges related to software and technology because they cannot afford a staff of specialists. We provide the ability to deliver the customized software needed by growing businesses and the integrity to be a trustworthy source of candid consultation on the technology appropriate to help you reach your business goals.

In order to enable the success of our clients we focus on two areas:

  • Creating interactive web and mobile user experiences for your customers.
  • Connecting those user experiences to a foundation of solid back office systems.